• One Stop Solution

    We provide one stop solution in Port Equipment Engineering and Terminal Operation to maximize the productivity and efficiency of small and medium size terminals.

  • Modification

    We provide expertise to advise, modify and source the right equipment if required, to suit your requirements

  • Mobilisation

    We can package delivery as part of equipment sourcing in a timely fashion

  • Modernisation

    We provide cost effective modernization service to upgrade and increase your terminal equipment life

A leading logistics infrastructure operator with in-house engineering capabilities

Our Services for small & medium sized terminals

Modification RTG


Modification of cranes provide benefits such as height increase and boom extension for STS to serve bigger vessel and height increase of RTG to improve yard utilization.

Other modifications, such as corrosion rectification, structural reinforcement on crane are required to extend the lifespan of aged equipment.

We also specialized in accident recovery & repair of port equipment

Mobilisation Harbour crane


Mobilization of equipment include sourcing of the right transporter, selection of the right loading and offloading method based on the condition of  the quay and sea-fastening work. Project coordination, liaising among all parties involved, is very critical to accomplish the project.



Modernization of cranes normally includes repairs and renewal of crane structures, mechanisms, and electrical systems.

Crane refurbishment is required to reduce frequent breakdown and improve crane performance

Technical consultancy

  • We provide technical consultancy services for small and medium-sized terminals in both Port equipment engineering and terminal operation
  • We reverse-engineer obsolete parts on equipment, fabricate, install them on-site, including necessary adaption works.
  • We provide technical consultancy for the replacement of obsolete parts with parts readily available in the market, including necessary adaption works

Equipment sourcing

  • We assist small and medium-sized terminal to source the right used and new equipment suitable for their terminal operation.
  • We provide consultancy and unbiased reviews & recommendations on used equipment upon request

Why us?

Fast Response

We have an experienced design & analysis team, suitable tools & qualified site team to serve your projects in a safe & timely manner.

Certified Experience

Rely on our experienced engineers/technicians for various types of projects. We commit & deliver the best of quality

Competitive Pricing

We have extensive resources and networks to offer used/reconditioned equipment that best suit your operations within your budget

A Subsidiary of Mitsui & Co., Ltd

Portek is a subsidiary of Mitsui & Co., Ltd. of Japan, which is a veritable household name with 130 years of history.

One Stop Solution

We offer one stop solution for equipment mobilisation (with financing), modification &  modernisation as per owners’ needs

Our focus

To create a close-knit community within small & medium sized terminals and to provide them with the best technical consultancy and on-site services