Reversed-engineered/customised design for various crane parts

To improve safety, availability & reliability of port equipment and to improve productivity are of the utmost importance for terminal operators.  We assist equipment owners to identify which system shall be upgraded to improve functionality and safety.

Port maintenance team may find it hard to source the spare parts once they are obsolete or discontinued manufacturing. We are ready to jump in and provide necessary technical consultancy services.  We are able to conduct site survey at client’s terminals upon request and offer below services;

  • customised structural modifications with analysis,
  • upgrade/replacement of Trim-List-Skew systems, Anti-sway systems, Brake systems, Elevator installations
  • customised design or reverse engineered design & fabrication of Operator Cabins, Insulated Electrical Rooms, Headblocks,  Guide Rollers, etc.
  • replacement for obsolete/discontinued spare parts. We reverse-engineer spare parts or customised design and make necessary modifications to suit the system


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