Valletta Gateway Terminals today

Portek holds a concession (jointly with the Tumas Group of Malta) to operate and manage the multi-purpose facilities at Malta’s Grand Harbour, through its subsidiary Valletta Gateway Terminals Ltd. Operations at VGT include RORO, containers, vehicles, conventional cargoes and cruise liners.

Through our investments in the terminals, VGT has constructed a passenger facility dedicated to serve daily sailings to Sicily, playing a key role in connecting Malta to the international market. VGT also invested in modern cargo handling equipment including a Quay Crane, RTGs and Reach-stackers

VGT is always looking for ways to contribute to the fight against climate change. Not only are we switching to sources of renewable energy, investing in photovoltaic panels allows VGT to generate electricity from renewable energy. Malta is blessed with sunny Mediterranean climate which makes photovoltaic panels an ideal candidate to harness the abundant sunlight. VGT operates 2 large cargo shed of around 9,000sqm at Deep Water Quay (DWQ) and although the roof slope and direction is not the perfect angle in terms of sun facing, the PV panels on the roof will still get significant amount of sun. The electricity generated will reduce our gross final energy consumption.

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