Limited Yard Space – RTG Height Increase Solution

To overcome container congestion issue in the yard, we can effectively increase the yard capacity from 17% to 20% by simply raising RTG lifting height.

The cost for height increase ranges between $100,000 to $125,000 depending on the quantity and location of RTGs.

Preparation for site work may take from 4 to 6 month. Estimated  site work duration is 3 to 4 weeks for one RTG.

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In-situ machining of bearing seat & flatness inspection

During the slew bearing replacement, before the installation of new bearing, the flatness and surface finishing of bearing seat area is of crucial importance. Poor bearing seat flatness and surface smoothness will have an adverse effect on the bearing life.

Achieving flatness within 0.2mm and surface roughness within Ra3.2 is common. But these values depend on the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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