Role of BMT in the region

Historically, Bejaia was a haven for the ships and overtime it turned into a prestigious merchant city. The port of Bejaia enjoys a privileged geographical situation. Being positioned in the heart of the western Mediterranean, and in the centre of the Algerian coast, it presents the economic originality, and a place of choice in the maritime roots.

Well-protected naturally, its’ harbour is one of the safest in the world. The city and the port have rail and road networks to all the cities in the country.

Located in the port of Bejaia, BMT (Bejaia Mediterranean Terminal) is jointly operated by the local Port Authority, Entreprise Portuaire De Bejaia (EPB) and Portek international Pte Ltd.

BMT is playing an important role in the region, seamlessly connecting and handling exports/imports for Morocco, Middle East countries, Africa, European Union countries, Non-EU countries, North America, South America countries, as well as Asian countries.

BMT shipping lines

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