Role of BMT in the region

Historically, Bejaia was a haven for the ships and overtime it turned into a prestigious merchant city. The port of Bejaia enjoys a privileged geographical situation. Being positioned in the heart of the western Mediterranean, and in the centre of the Algerian coast, it presents the economic originality, and a place of choice in the maritime roots.

Well-protected naturally, its’ harbour is one of the safest in the world. The city and the port have rail and road networks to all the cities in the country.

Located in the port of Bejaia, BMT (Bejaia Mediterranean Terminal) is jointly operated by the local Port Authority, Entreprise Portuaire De Bejaia (EPB) and Portek international Pte Ltd.

BMT is playing an important role in the region, seamlessly connecting and handling exports/imports for Morocco, Middle East countries, Africa, European Union countries, Non-EU countries, North America, South America countries, as well as Asian countries.

BMT shipping lines

Services provided:

  • Ship handling (loading/unloading of containers, lashing/unlashing of containers on-board ships, etc.)
  • Stevedoring (stuffing/unstuffing of containers)
  • Container inspection services
  • Reefer container processing as well as repair at clients’ request
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Delivery of the containers to customers
  • Container maintenance & repair services at empty container yard
  • Training centre equipped with simulators (operating QC, RTG & other port equipment), port engineering trainings, HSE trainings

By utilising the modern port operating systems including TOS & berthing window systems, BMT has achieved a volume increase from 75,966 TEUs in 2006 to 249,556 TEUs in 2020. In terms of move per hour, BMT has improved from the rate of 15 containers per hour in 2006 to a performance of 25 containers per hour in 2020.

Our mission is to make BMT container terminal a world-class terminal that can compete with the best managed terminals in the world, enhancing productivity and profitability to ensure its success and sustainability. Our vision is to develop and manage the best container terminal in Algeria and to guarantee our customers the best services at reasonable costs while ensuring one of the best working environments for our employees, and a good return to the company shareholders.


Capacity:   249,556 TEUs in 2020

Water depth:   12m

Shipping lines:   MSC, CMA CGM, Maersk

Equipment:   2 QCs, 2 Mobile Harbour Cranes, 8 RTGs (6+1 stacking), 9 Reach Stackers, 11 Empty Container Handlers, 16 Terminal Trailers, 40 Road Trucks, 15 Forklifts

Main terminal:   500 metres quay, 8+4 hectares container yard with dedicated customs inspection area and dedicated reefer plugging facility

Empty container off-dock facility:   Total area of 5 hectares, Located 8km from the port


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