Riga Universal Terminal today

  • Riga Universal Terminal (Latvia) is a market leader in the handling of bulk wood products within the Freeport of Riga.
  • The terminal offers the largest cold storage facility in Freeport of Riga supporting truck and rail operations.
  • The terminal has its own rail infrastructure with direct rail connection to Russian, Belarusian, Central Asian and China.
Riga Universal Terminal (RUT)

Type: Container, Bulk, General Cargo, Cold Storage, Rail shunting

Capacity: 140,000 TEUs, 3 Million tons of bulk cargo, 62, 000 tons of frozen cargo, 600 wagons

[Containers] 467 metres quay, 5 hectares yard with 300 reefer points;
[Bulk] 600 metres quay, 14 hectares open yard; [Wood Pellets] 3 hectares covered warehouses;
[Cold Storage] 7,000m2 of storage +5° C to -22° C;
[Rail infrastructure] 16 kilometers of rail tracks

Water depth: 12m

Shipping lines/customers:  Containerships, Maersk, Hapag-Lloyd, Graanul Invest, Pata, Metsä Forest

Equipment: 3 Mobile Harbor Cranes, 5 Portal Cranes, 5 Reach Stackers, 13 Terminal Tractors, 9 Excavators, 9 Front-wheel Loaders, 22 Forklifts, 1 RAM Revolving Spreader

RUT before & after Portek management


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