Installation of RTG gantry equaliser bushings

  • No bush was used in as-built design of many RTGs. Due to long utilisation in operation, especially at uneven gantry lanes, wear and tear are observed on both pin hole and equaliser pin. It creates gantry alignment issues.
  • Repair process is tedious for such design. It usually requires new pin and boring works at pin holes.
  • For refurbishment work, bushes, as shown in photo, are proposed to use to minimise the repair work in future.
  • Selection of suitable type of bush and installation design is very critical.
  • Portek has successfully accomplished such refurbishment works on many RTGs.

Crack at critical location of Crane structure

We are specialised in crack repair of crane structural members and joints at all locations, including boom & girder internal sections, gantry sections, and leg sections. It is imperative to carry out the crack repair soonest possible once spotted, as continuing operating the crane with cracks at structural members and joints will greatly compromise the safety of the operators and equipment.

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