Tooth contact pattern/area Inspection at slew bearings

During the replacement of slew bearing (unloader cranes), below inspections are crucial

  • backlash (usually 0.3 to 0.4mm depending to the manufacturer) and
  • tooth contact pattern/area.

Checking contact pattern/area shows how the bearing and pinion are engaging. Fine tuning adjustment is to be made based on the tooth pattern findings.

Inspect the tooth meshing pattern / area by

  • applying Prussian Blue paste evenly to 2x facing teeth on slew gear &
  • slewing in both CW & CCW directions to get imprinted profiles on pinions

Adjust slew drive position & orientation until

  • Recommended backlash is achieved
  • meshing lengths along both tooth width & tooth height directions are within the recommended range
  • tooth contact area is approximately near the centre of gear tooth face
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