Portek Equipment Leasing & Maintenance Program

Project DHU – Portek’s crane leasing & maintenance program, one-stop solution for small & medium sized terminals startup.

  • Portek signed a 20 years crane leasing & O&M (Operation & Maintenance) agreement in 2013.
  • DHU started as a conventional stevedoring company operating Terminal 110-113 in Tanjung Priok, Jakarta

small & medium terminals

  • DHU was awarded a concession for 20 years by Pelindo with the condition to equip the terminal with STS (Ship-to-Shore crane) & Yard equipment.
  • The introduction of port equipment will allow the terminal to achieve 450K TEUs (Phase 1- 3QCs + 4 RMGs) with the final target of 650K TEUs. (Phase 2 – 1QCs+2 HMCs+3RMGs)
  • Collaborating with Portek, DHU secured the concession.
  • Portek with Mitsui Finance invested approximately USD 30 Million to equip DHU.
  • Portek offered a total solution inclusive of equipment planning, financing, maintenance and training onsite.
  • Portek deployed a team of port experts in fields of equipment engineering to crane manufacturer’s factory, to supervise equipment fabrication, quality and timely delivery.

STS in container terminal

  • Portek also provided port experts in the fields of operations, equipment maintenance and trained DHU personnel to ensure smooth operation startup.
  • DHU today is an independent small medium international standards terminal operator

Experiences list of a few notable projects;

– Operational lease & maintenance of port equipment

Location: T300 Container Terminal, Port of Tanjung Priok, Jakarta

Equipment: 2 units of QC & 8 units of RTG

– Operational lease of a fleet of straddle carriers

Location: Domestic Yard in Cebu, Philippines

Equipment: 7 units of Straddle Carriers

Location: North Harbor, Manila, Philippines

Equipment: 8 units of Straddle Carriers

Location: Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao, Philippines

Equipment: 3 units of Straddle Carriers

– Operational lease of Grab Unloader Crane

Location: Leyte, Philippines

Equipment: 1 unit of Unloader crane (Clarke Chapman, Grab Unloader Crane)

– Operational lease & maintenance of port equipment

Location: Terminal 110 – 113, Port of Tanjung Priok Jakarta

Equipment: 3 units of QC & 4 units of RMGC

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