Magerwa dry port (Rwanda)

Portek East Africa Terminals Limited acquired Rwanda’s main inland cargo handling facility located in the capital city of Kigali, Magerwa (MGR) in 2011. Operating multiple business units at key locations, the team have always endeavoured to be the premier warehousing service provider in the country.

MGR operates an integral part of Rwanda logistics and plays a key role in the country’s focus on developing re-exports to neighbouring country, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). With a multi cargo storage and handling facilities at the heart of Kigali, the Gikondo facility remains an optimal node point for businesses to store their cargo.


As air cargo operations are growing in demand for imports and exports at Kigali International Airport (KIA), Rwanda has attracted more international airlines to fly in. The MGR team is subject to frequent audits and certifications as required by the Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority (RCAA), IATA and by these airlines. MGR has invested in a state-of-the-art X-ray machine that’s being used to screen all exports as part of the Government’s drive to boost quality exports. We continue to work closely with the Airport authorities to bring Rwanda’s airport standards higher.

Operating warehousing facilities and One-Stop-Border-Posts (OSBP) at the borders of Tanzania, Uganda and especially DRC, MGR has key locations on the facilitation of imports into the country, regional trade, and re-exports to DRC. MGR continues to play an integral role in a key focus growth area of the government, the re-exports industry to DRC. Strategically located nearby the growing towns of Goma and Bukavu in DRC, MGR has expanded their capacities in these border posts to facilitate the burgeoning growth of cargo.


Type : Dry port, Air Cargo Facilities, General Cargo Warehousing


  • Warehouses in the capital of Rwanda, Kigali providing 1.36 hectares of covered space.
  • The Gikondo facility covers a space of 16 hectares with yard space for storing bulk cargo, containers, and parking areas for up to 250 trucks a yard for small vehicles.
  • Warehousing facilities and 1 state-of-the-art cold room at Kigali International Airport.
  • 10 locations with handling and warehousing facilities across the country.

Throughput: 280,000 tons of cargoes

Equipment: 1 60T Mobile crane, 1 40ft Sideloader, 2 45T Reach Stackers, 1 Telescopic Handler, 1 16T Forklift, 2 5T Forklifts, 30 3T Forklifts



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